Old Fashioned Apple Orchard, Tanzania

Sorry for the fuzzy photo; been a long time since I’ve seen an apple orchard of big trees spaced widely apart. Reminds me of an old Stark Bros. catalog from the 20’s.

These are newly-planted benchgrafts; the bushy branches are stuck in the ground to protect the new grafts from the Tanzanian sun.

They also have problems with rabbits at night (not enough jackals I guess)


Very cool. I’ve always been interested in what Kuffel Creek has done in Uganda, nice to see some more pictures. If you have any others, please post them!
Kuffel Creek is what encouraged me to experiment with planting a Honeycrisp apple tree in SoCal. So far the jury is still out on whether or not it will thrive.

Interesting! I went to Kenya for a few weeks this winter and the whole time I was there I could just picture how well apples would do there.

nice…how many acres is that and curious, what is the average rain fall?

What is the elevation?

Elevation is about 5,000 feet, rainfall is 27 inches, mostly in the summer. The farm is 210 acres, and the closest main town is Iringa, Tanzania. You can see their facebook updates at Tamu Tamu Apples - Home | Facebook

So is the Tamu Tamu apple registered? Is this a Texas A&M Apple?

No, Tamu Tamu is the name of the farm, it means “sweet, delicious” in Sawhili. You can see their website at http://tamutamu.weebly.com/

Here’s a photo overlooking Iringa. It’s not a bad place to be.

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Really pretty… I lived over on the east side for a couple of years… and spent some time on the west side… nothing as pretty as Iringa.