I was unsuccessful again this year in sourcing Oldmixon Peach.
I read somewhere that Lady Nancy is a comparable white flesh peach.
To date, I haven’t found someone who offers that peach either.
Any suggestions other than Lady Nancy? Or a super secrect source for Oldmixon other than
Southmeadow, Terre Madre or VVirginia

Me too. Vintage Virginia Apples is the true source, but no dice with them this year.

Yup, they have some sort of root maggot specific to peaches. They won’t be replanting any peaches until the maggot issue is resolved, a couple of years if at all. Any sources for the Lady Nancy?

Adams County Nursery is the only commercial source of Lady Nancy trees I know, but they are sold out.

Last week I received my first ever few twigs of Lady Nancy budwood from a generous forum member who will remain anonymous.

Perhaps in a few years, I’ll be able to share.

Thanks Matt: Bud Graft is probably the best way to go. Do you have a particularly vigorous variety you graft? Right now I have 4 peaches one of which barely made it through last winter, none are bearing age.

I am finding Gold Dust, White Lady, and Blushingstar to be vigorous growers.

I have Oldmixon wood if you need it. I had Lady Nancy but removed it this winter due to rot - it tastes just like Oldmixon but rots more so I selected it out.


I’m sure Tuffa, me, and half of the forum’s membership will be asking you for some Oldmixon twigs.

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I had an Oldmixon tree die on me, failed to thrive. i was bummed. I don’t have room to put scion anywhere, so you guys keep it alive till I get some more trees, and have something to graft unto!

Thanks Scott I’ll take you up on your offer. I’ll order a vigorous type from Vaughn, the Winblo and O’Henry I got from them have done well. I’m in coastal Connecticut and usually do bare root around Mid March
I have some scions if you like an exchange
Golden Reinette
Calville Blanc d Hiver
Cornish Gilliflower
Newton Pippin

Sure, PM me your address.

Can please somebody who grows Oldmixon tell me when it ripens (e.g., in comparison to some common varieties)?

Stan, its quite late. It is after both O’Henry and Rio Oso Gem, but before Indian Free. If you don’t know any of these varieties, think two or so weeks after Elberta.

That’s great, thanks!

Stan- I successfully picked several Oldmixon peaches on Sept 3rd of this year. I remembered in previous years, they would be rotten or squirrel-snatched by Sept 9. Ate a good one yesterday (Sept 5) and today (Sept 6). I just posted pictures in the other thread:


Hi Matt, good to hear your voice!