Olive hardiness

I went to the Burchell website and noticed they are selling an olive they claim is zone five hardy. Anyone buying this?

What’s the cultivar name? Some actually are pretty darned hardy, shockingly, but I would think zone 5 is pushing it.

The webite is tomorrowsharvest.net and the olive is a manzanillo. I didn’t find any other site that rated it that cold hardy. If it would grow it is supposed to be a good green olive. If it freezes to the roots every year I suppose it would be an ornamental conservation piece.

Well, DWN calls this cultivar “moderately cold hardy”, so I would say down to zone 6 or 7, but zone 5 is awfully cold for prolonged periods of time. I can’t imagine any olive tree surviving zone 5.


I think Arbequina or Mission are probably the most cold tolerant of all olive cultivars that I can find in my searches. Some of the cultivars recommended are not actually even olives. So, beware that.

Olive trees sustain significant frost damage at temperatures below 10F (and many cultivars at temperatures below 15F), so one should not grow them beyond zone 8. Manzanillo is not very hardy and is risky beyond zone 8b. No olive tree will ever survive in zone 5 and most will not even survive in zone 7 (except for special microclimate locations). For some details, see this article by Paul Vossen: http://ucanr.org/sites/SoCo/files/37245.pdf.

I am in 8b and decided against planting any because of this Texas A&M article.

Cold hardy cultivars - https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/plant-genetic-resources/article/field-evaluation-of-frost-tolerance-in-10-olive-cultivars/275BDE50C62B524AE896ACB9A602F7CC

I grew a Arbequina olive, planted in spring of 2016. It grew great, but did suffer some winter damage. Last year it grew great again, but got damaged a little during winter. It was about 10 feet tall this past spring and starting putting on new growth, then got hit by late freeze in March…now it is DEAD…