Olive Tree Pruning

I decided to plant 4 different varieties of olives last fall and they’ve grown tremendous this year, albeit pretty drastically differently which is kind of fun to watch. I’m definitely not experienced with these trees but what I’ve read everywhere is that you should not prune olive trees while they’re young. While 3 of the trees are in no need of pruning, the fourth may or may not need it.

What would you do in this case? Remove the low side branch or let it go and always have two leaders?

Also, this is universal for all 4 olive trees. Despite having a fairly large canopy, it seems like the stem is not growing proportionally at the same rate, requiring staking. This seems counterintuitive for a tree as it would simply lay on the ground if it were to grow in the wild.

hello, remove the branches that go down and make the center, the rest do not touch