Oliver apple

I have enjoyed a few of this variety for the past several years, this year I finally have a dozen or so (it is a small graft) and am more fully appreciating it. It is a very tasty apple, in the Northern Spy school of taste (hard to describe if you have not had it - more grape-like perhaps). I particularly like it because I have lots of rotting problems on the Northern Spy types and this guy does not rot at all. I think I may replace my Wagener tree with this, Wagener has a similar taste but it rots a lot.

They do not like being picked early, and they do color up early so you need to watch it. They would also prefer some time in the cellar.

They are very tasty apple, super productive, and bulletproof. What’s not to like? :grin:

Here is a picture I just took:

These are going into the fridge for a month or more. I had a few bug-ridden ones that were ready to eat (a bit past in fact) and they were very tasty!

It is from Arkansas, it may need to have some fall heat to get to the optimal flavor. It gets a good to very good in Apples of New York but it tastes like a very good to me.


Thanks for the pic and report. I have a 2 year old on B118.


I grafted it to B9, B118, and the ‘frankentree’. So, I was already looking forward to it.
These pictures sound like I made a good choice…have never eaten one.

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