On the hunt for Rubus neomexicanus


Hi all, I’m fairly new here, but I’m practically a fruititarian lol. Love fruit.

Anyway, I’m at the beginning of a new raspberry breeding project. Usually i can be found on the alan bishop homegrown goodness or open source OSSI plant breeding forums working on various breeding projects, Like watermelon.

Anyway, the species that will be the main species i want to use is Rubus deliciosus, a native raspberry to my area. And delicious it is. I had one berry and it literally was the most delicious raspberry I’ve ever had in my life!

The problem is that for any good plant breeding project the more genetic diversity you have the better recombinat offspring you can select from. You can’t select good genetics if they aren’t there to begin with. Thus i am desperateley looking for someone in Arizona or New Mexico to help me find and ship a plant of Rubus neomexicanus to Colorado. It is a highly related subspecies.

I have already bought Rubus ‘benenden’ from Washington, a hybrid between Rubus deliciosus and Rubus trilobus. A hybrid popular in the UK.

If anyone can help me out that would be awesome! Here is one source: https://www.spadefootnursery.com/native-vines?rq=Rubus


@Keen101, if this one can handle the heat, I’m gonna join you.


I live in WA state and never heard of either berry. I look forward to hearing about your breeding of these.


Yeah, i don’t know about heat tolerance of Rubus deliciosus. It likes zone 5 and handles arid dry conditions. Though since Rubus neomexicanus is a sub species they both may have that ability.

Rubus ‘Benenden’ is a hybrid with a south american species “Rubus trilobus” which apparently likes wetter conditions, though may also take heat. Though I’m not sure where in south america.