Oncidium orchid "Pacific Sunset"


Today I added this orchid from Cal Pacific Orchid Farm to my collection.


Very nice orchid,lot of flowers, beautiful! Love the color too. How large is your orchids collection?


Flower Show perfect!


Just four: dendrobium, phalaenopsis, epidendrum, oncidium.


wow,...I will not start growing orchids again,I will not start growing orchids again,I will not start growing orchids again,I will not start growing orchids again,sorry almost had a relapse :slight_smile: .seriously beautiful.


Here's the nighttime view.


This year’s mid-summer night dream :slight_smile:


Prior to our 1-week vacation, these orchids had put out four 6" to 18" flower spikes. Now they are 16" to 32" high and sporting branches! :slight_smile:


Very healthy looking orchid.pleas post it when it is blooming


grow orchids in Chicago is challenge because of long winter and dry air indoor. But still some will reward me with beautiful bloom.share few orchid pictures that are currently blooming



Our “Pacific Sunset” orchid flower buds are now opening :slight_smile:


Coming right along :slight_smile:


The flowers are open on three of the four staked spikes … and there are four more spikes coming up on the opposite side of the pot. :slight_smile:


That is lovely. I discovered the discount orchid rack at the local greenhouse. It’s been a long problem…


Still going crazy. To the lower right are a few sweet potato starts.


@Richard, what’s the humidity in your orchid room? And temperature range? How can you get such gorgeous bloom! I am seriously envious here.


Typically ~40%. But the “roots” are in 1/4" orchard bark that is soaked (immersed) once a week for an hour then drained.

I have small 1400 sq.ft. home with central A/C and heating although room to room it can vary by a few degrees. Year-round that room stays between 65°F and 78°F. It is east facing.

I have posted a link elsewhere on this site to an orchid guide I wrote awhile back but it needs a few updates. Please send me a round-to-it or two so I can get that done.

In the meantime here’s an update on this orchid – the quantity of blooms is about to double.


Richard, it’s gorgeous! What type of orchid fertilizer do you use and how often?


I have been soaking my orchid for years. And has followed you regimen using the fertilizers in your guide since last year. It improved a lot, but still nothing like what you have.

Maybe it’s the humidity. In the winter time, I can barely keep it up at 30%.


You are talking about this guide, right?