One of the better apple charts I have found

Apple-Ripening-Chart-Ripening-Date.pdf (95.2 KB)

This is a chart I have used for a while now. It’s pretty extensive and has taste and texture as well. About a week or two from my ripening dates.


Very useful. Needs local calibration, so to speak, but they all do!


Handy! Although, yes, it needs local calibration, but hopefully can be used for relative comparison. Like, the local PYO orchard says they are in empire right now, we want staymen. That suggests another 3 weeks.

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Thanks. Appreciate the chart! I’ve been looking at quite a few and this one does seem the most comprehensive I’ve seen.

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Time for a second look at this ripening chart.

It’s not quite perfect, but I use this chart all the time when looking for something to add. It’s odd there are not more of these.

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This is our local orchard. Didn’t realize they had put this out. Nice.

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