Onion leaves folding themselves

Some of my onion plants’ leaves seem to be bending and folding themselves…what gives, and will it affect yield?

Probably they are just too heavy to support themselves. Maybe the wind knocks them over. As long as the leaf remains green this factor shouldn’t reduce your yield much if any.


Yeah they do that, Those are huge! It should be a great crop!


Yes very nice looking onions.whats your secret?
I’ve never had much luck with onions. I’m planting them for the last time this year. If i don’t get a good crop this year , no space for them in my garden next year. Right now they are puny.

Started indoors from seed in early January. Plant out late March. Well drained Soil with high organic matter. Fertilize and water well. :man_shrugging:

What @BG1977 said, plus don’t crowd 'em.

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What kind of fertilizer? I’m feeding mind bloodmeal this year.

I gave them about 6” in between. That should be fine right?


I just used cheap 10-10-10 since my soil tests lowish in P, but will switch to a high N formula for the next feeding. I use both chemical and organic.

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Mine are 6” apart. It’s the weeds that are a b&$ch.

I think 6" is adequate unless you’re growing something that gets really big, as sweets sometimes do. I even give my leeks 6". An onion can easily be 4" in diameter, so that only leaves 2" between them when they’re mature. (Of course by that time they don’t need as much space because they’re done growing!)

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I think the rain beat them up quite a bit.

More rain, more beat up.

It should be enough space. Bloodmeal is good but I’d add a more mixed fert as well

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