Onion storage

Last year, I stored my Candy onions through about Christmas in the basement initially, then the garage. After Christmas, most were sprouting but still solid.

Like most people, I don’t have anywhere that provides the ideal storage conditions - the garage is actually HOT this time of year, and the basement is in the sixties. By fall the garage will run colder.

What do you do? Can I put them in a crisper dearer in the fridge?

I think the fridge is too humid for onions, long-term

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Funny…since the fridge is considered too dry for other things.

I suggest keeping your cured onions in a well-ventilated, dark, dry place. The crisper of your fridge is probably way too humid; it is designed to be to help keep lettuce, carrots, apples and so on nice. Plus, onions in the fridge will flavor cheese and such. Sixties is warm, but tolerable, for a time. Maybe you could shift them to the garage in the fall?

That’s what I did last year, once it cooled off outside.

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Here’s another question: all the onions I grew have a lot of partial outer layers of skin. Like so.

Should I “clean up” the skins by removing the partials and leaving only wholly intact skins? Or leave them be while in storage and only remove upon use?

I always leave as much skin on onions (and garlic) as I can on the theory that it helps preserve the bulb. But the stuff that’s really dry and flaky and wants to come off will, and I don’t think there’s any harm in helps it along. Just don’t be too agressive!

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