Onions ready to harvest?

Or wait until all the foliage has fallen over?

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I would say yes to both, depending on your goals.
You can pick onions at any time. When they’re young, they can be sweeter and juicier. However, they won’t keep very well. For best storage and maximum size, you definitely want to wait until about half of the plants flop over. It looks like you’re pretty close to that point.


Thanks a lot. By “ half the plants”, you mean about half of all the plants totally flop over? Or about half of each plant flops over?

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Good question! I mean half of the total number. This is just a rule of thumb. I’m pretty obsessive, so I end up checking each plant regularly for the tell-tale kink that tells you it’s about ready to flop. It’s more work than it’s worth, but I can’t help myself!