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I want to add some trees and I noticed that Grow Organic/Peaceful valley has posted in big text. Shipments start in december and not delays allowed. They have a few I would like but what would I do with them if they show up in January? Would I have to heal them in, plant them, or just keep them in the garage for awhile? Seems like the last few years I spend too much time wishes and looking and before you know it everyone is sold out. Dont want to make that mistake this year.


Plant when you get them as long as the ground isn’t frozen. In Amarillo on a sticky clay loam I dug the holes this time of yr so I could plant early. The soil laying on top around the hole thaws with any kind of sunshine.

I preferred to plant after danger of real cold pasted which in Amarillo was about Febr 15. Probably about the same around Tulsa if I have you placed right. But most yrs you’d get by planting early January.

Thanks fruitnut. And yes Tulsa. We can have some nasty cold in January/February. Just a few years ago we had some below zero for a few days. Would storing them till March be bad? Assuming I did get them that early.


March is better only if you can keep them very dormant. That’s hard to do. If they’ve started leafing out in March, 20F could be worse than 0F in Jan. Heeled in outside, they might as well be planted.

that makes sense. thanks!

Fruitnut. awhile back on GW you had suggested I try Harko for a nectarine up here. I think I will add that and probably a Fairtime peach for a late season peach. I have O’henry but having peaches into September intrigues me.

My question is I also just love pluots. Only have had the ones from the grocery store. Do you think any of the flavor serious would work in Tulsa.


I had two cold winters, and I had a few Flavor Kings fruits. My other pluots failed to produce fruit, the fruit buds were too damaged. So that one is hardy, and it is one of the best tasting ones too! We hit -16F last winter and five out of about 30 possible grew. I had some flowers that failed to produce fruit, and some buds that were just dead. It was very cold though. They all should have died. Hoping for a better winter! I’m in zone 5b/6a.


that sound encouraging. What stinks about our zone is no doubt we will have warm spells in late february and march waking everything up and then almost guaranteed to a have a good freeze in April killing all the flowers.

Also I forgot to mention I do have a Santa Rosa, superior and methley. So they would surely have something to pollinate with.


Pluots are about like apricot for growing outdoors here. In fact they may be better. They bloom about the same time but may get thru frost better. They’re worth a try if you think apricots are workable.


I dont have any experience with apricots but it sounds like they may do ok here.

That is why the zone rating do not tell the whole story. Luckily that rarely happens here. It has happened here, but only maybe once every 15 to 20 years.
Your plums should work! I’m looking for Superior scion btw! Oh wait a member did offer me some, nevermind!

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Here both make about 1 yr in 3. I have seen some J plums do better than that but they’re all so erratic it’s a crap shoot. High chill peaches and nectarines do somewhat better, maybe 1 in 2.

well i ordered a harko nectarine and a 3 n 1 pluot from Peaceful valley. I am sure I paid way too much for them but oh well. I figure worse case I can pick 1 of the 3 varieties on the multi graft to keep if need be. They say not available until Dec 18th. My indecisiveness last spring left me looking at page after page of “out of stock” so im trying to get on it sooner.

In my zone 7 area of NC, I like to plant as much as I can during the fall so I don’t face so much pressure in the spring. Picked up my heritage apple trees two weeks ago and got them planted. Blueberry plants should arrive the week of Thanksgiving. I’m trying to get the peach trees from the nursery in Tennessee delivered as early as possible so I can get them in the ground too.

I called and added a Loring peach and Honeycrisp apple. was told that they should ship out mid to late January. Also got an email eluding to the same.