Ontario Fruit Growers

Wow! A good haul! I figured it would be crazy. Sounds like it might have been worth the trip. I was eyeing those $30 multigrated trees, quince and the hybrid chestnuts. And the cheap haskap and daylilies.
Oh well, probably just as well since we still don’t know if or when we’ll be moving. ( we’re selling first and nothing is moving here)

How was plum curculio damage for others this year? I don’t spray anything for them. Last year I lost 95% of my plums. This year more like 50% which means I still need to thin after cleaning up all the marked fruit… wondered if it was a lower pressure year for others?

I got PC bites on all my nectarines this was after they were larger than quarters. I have donut peaches and have not noticed bites on them. I seem to get more pressure from OFM based on what I am seeing inside my peaches. Gotta spray next year I think (this year I tried a spray of BTK). Are you spraying at all?

They were abundant here. I actually was able to squish one on a pear tree. The pears were bitten, but of course they don’t survive in them. ( and I don’t much care about the small marks left)
So far, the Italian plum is holding a ton of fruits but I don’t know if any will make it to ripening.
Only a few set on my lying freeloaders but it was more than usual. It looks like the third one planted to help them has had a bit of effect. Even with some set, I don’t think any will survive the pc.

I missed the dormancy spray window this year but it seems to be okay. Huge fruit #s on the sour cherry. I’m struggling to get it all picked and processed. Just a few bugs in them so far.

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I didn’t spray at all this spring. I usually do a dormant spray but this spring the weather and my schedule didn’t line up.
I am pretty sure I’m going to have more next year. A few fruit have hit the ground and been chewed through before I got them cleaned up.

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