OOps; upgrade


I accidentally shut down the site there for a few minutes.

While it was down I upgraded to the latest version of the Discourse forum software.


@scottfsmith Beginning this week, the forum has become very buggy as accessed from the two different model iPhones I use. Is there an update we need to implement to get the site running properly again? I am having major problems reading, posting, and signing in. The font is giant size. The aspect ratio of the screen is whack. And many links and features are broken or missing. When I tried looking at the site from my work computer, it was marginally less disfunctional. Hopefully you’ll find a way to remedy the problem? Maybe a cyber attack from the Kremlin? Or Houzz?!


I think it has gotten flakey after being up so long. I did a restart yesterday and that fixed all the problems I noticed, but I will do a full rebuild with the latest version tonight. We will be down for an hour or so then.


Scott, Everything on the site is wonky for me. I can hardly use it. I don’t know what’s wrong but it’s wonky.


I tried it on my iPad and it was mostly OK with a few avatars missing. But then I cleared the cache and after that it looks really bad - some files are not being served properly. So far every glitch has been fixed by a rebuild.


Whatever you just did has helped a lot. Working much better now, thanks!


All I did now was try to connect with my iPad not sure how that would matter. Anyway, tonight it should be fixed.


I’ve not had any problems on either my iPad Pro or my Google Nexus 6p phone.


It’s a mess right now with windows Firefox and Chrome.


Working OK on Android system but not Windows10.


No different than usual on my Windows 7.


In windows10 it’s working OK but not perfect in Windows default browser “Edge” but not good with Chrome and Firefox.


It looked fixed now. Thanks.


Oops, spoke too soon. Not quite right yet. It comes and goes.


I haven’t noted any problems on Windows 8.1 and Firefox 50.1.0. I feel left out.


Have been having trouble seeing avatars for some posts. This is on an Acer tab with Android, on Firefox.


You have Windows 8.1? We have that on our HP desktop that we bought about 3 years ago. I absolutely hate it- slow, buggy, hangs up, etc.

I had Win 7 on my 4 year old laptop, which I was very happy with. But one night it did an auto update before I could stop it to Win 10. While not as bad as 8.1, it still has issues.

Why can’t MS leave things be for a couple years b4 moving on to the next “greatest” thing??



Because Windows is all about selling you stuff.

I had Kubuntu on a laptop and can’t say enough good about it. As soon as I find enough courage I’d like to swap this one over to it, or get someone to do it for me. Everything Windows does is designed to provide you with commercial opportunities. I mean, why else would my computer automatically direct me to an opening page full of ads and links to products?


OK, rebooted the computer and rebuilt discourse and all seems to be working now - I tried on my iPad as well as on Safari and everything loaded fine.

The site uses a database called redis to serve static stuff (images, style pages) and redis seems to have gotten its cache corrupted it looks like. Nothing a rebuild can’t fix :slight_smile: We are also on the latest version of Discourse.


Yep, problems fixed with Windows10 Chrome and Firefox as far as I can tell.