Opal Apple

I will try to resist saying “Opal apple” more than twice in a row …

We bought a few of these this week and enjoyed them fresh. I decided to bake one today and was delighted with its overall quality. Since I put brown sugar, cinnamon and vanilla in the center I may have biased the experience, but I have to say it was very good. Held its firmness nicely, and the flavor came through clearly. Nicely balanced, not what you’d call assertive but certainly there- held its own. Should be an outstanding pie apple.

Apparently it’s a protected variety, so no growing it yet, but when it is available it has to be worth adding.

… opalapple opalapple opalapple opalapple …

(I lied. Didn’t try to resist at all.)


{By the way, this is a tasty and relatively easy supper- barbecued ribs, baked potato, baked apple, baked butternut squash, and steam a veggie- most of the time spent is in waiting.}


I’ve got to try Opal apples, again. Bought a few at the store, and mine were forgettable. Have to try, again, since everyone seems to really like them. And, really love your meal suggestion, Mark!

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Just had my first ones last week, they were really tasty!

It’s interesting that they put out a club apple like opal with a fair amount of russeting near the stem. A coworker saw an opal I brought to work. He said, “What’s that on the apple? It looks like dirt, and why is it yellow? What’s it taste like, yellow?” People really like their apples unblemished and expect them to look exactly like every other apple.

Apparently, I’m buying these apples from the wrong store :frowning:

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Many times this winter I’ve bought a bag of Opals and every other apple alternates from outstanding to so-so. But, when they’re good, they’re really good. And even though the flavor varies, the texture stays consistently crisp and juicy.

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I think I got lucky when I bought these- they were bulk, not bagged, so I got to pick and choose, and they were on sale for .$99/lb. I assume they’re from Washington, since most all our apples here are this time of year. And yes, they do have that russetting. No blush on this batch, however.

The best Opal I had was firm and had a blush of orange. The yellow, soft one was mealy.

In my extremely limited experience, opal and golden russet are what golden delicious WANTED to be…we shall see how hooples and seargent go as new grafts take and fruit, but opal is very good and very sweet, with some floral and a bit of tart to balance it.

I was sorely tempted to beg some of Alans golden delicious old-school, but opted not to due to space… many other sweets like honeycrisp and modern golden deliciius and fuji do nothing; opal i actually enjoy.