Open-pollinated Plum Regal?

Plum regal F1 is a high productive paste tomato. Sugar content is not that good. It is a cross from the NCSU lines NC 30P x NC25P.
Plum Regal F1 is homozygous for the old gold crimson ogc gene, which makes the fruit extra deep red and contains more lycopene.
Plant growth habit is determined.

Homozygous resistance for:
Verticillium wilt (Ve gene)
Fusarium wilt (I and I-2 genes)

Heterozygous resistance for
tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) (Sw5 gene)
Late blight (ph-3 gene)

Plum regal F1 is segregating for the ms-10 gene for male sterility linked to the green stem seedling marker gene aa.

Heterozygous ph-3 gene against late blight appears to be insufficiently effective. Better is the combination of ph-2 with ph-3 or homozygous ph-3.

Is there an open polinated version of this variety available?

What do you mean with an open pollinated version of the same variety? Do you mean a stabilized line with that?

I don’t think people create open pollinated varieties that have the same traits as F1 hybrids.

Breeders create two stable parent lines that together contribute all the resistance genes in the F1 - but each stable parent line usually has half the genes.

To create a stable line that has all these traits you would have to select for 5 to 8 years among the F2’s and subsequent generations.

Some people call this ‘dehybridizing the hybrids’. It is a lot of time and work to do so.

I mean a stabilized line from the F1 hybrid. It does not have to be the same tomato as the F1, but given the above resistances, it is expected that good healthy plants with high production should be produced in a stabilized line.

In addition, I am curious what segregation has been found in the F2?

For example, Homozygous ph-3 should give much better resistance to late blight.