Opinions on AU Rosa and Byron Gold

I can get scions of either and am looking for something that ripens later in the season. Also I don’t have a yellow plum. How good is it?

My first attempt at Byron Gold grew fast the first year and bore fruit the second year and died from stem canker right after the first batch of fruit died. They are firm and have a tart zing. I pulled the second attempt out at the end of the first season because it too had root canker. It’s not disease resistant enough for my yard in Statesboro Georgia. I’ve tried most of the disease resistant Asian X Chickasaw hybrids available. The only one that has even come close to working is Robusto which is way more Chickasaw than Asian when you look at it. Segundo might be worth trying. Down here. I would be more interested in a high quality yellow Chickasaw plum that has been passed down by a southern farm family. God bless.


My Toole’s heirloom ripens late (June July) and is orangy red. I should have lots of suckers from it next winter. God bless.


AU Rosa is a red plum and is not a late ripener.

My Byron Gold is very healthy and produces nice fruit with little fuss, but far from my favorite as taste goes. I don’t have AU Rosa.

Apparently,Byron Gold fruits very well. Brady


Wow, that tree is loaded. When does Bryon Gold ripen?
Do you know of any better tasting late season plums?