Option for hedge row along trench

I have Pineapple Guava seedlings ready to plant and was wondering how close to a 2’ deep trench I can plant these? The trench is for diverting water back to my lake so I don’t want to loose any water in the trench. Will these plants suck all the water from my trench?

My property line / chain link fence is 5’ to the left of the trench so I don’t have much room to plant on the left side. I was wanting around 12’ tall hedge row to act as a privacy fence in case my neighbor decides to build on. I thought about running 100’ of pipe in the trench to divert the water thought the trench and then I can plant a fast growing evergreen inside the trench so I can still cut the grass as normal on the right side. I also thought about putting silt fence lined in the bottom of the trench to keep weeds down and flow the water better to the lake. Anyone know a good option for a evergreen that can handle some what wet ground? During heavy down falls it looks like a creek gushing through but quickly dries after the rain.

Pineapple Guava has a shallow root system. Since this is mainly for privacy and not fruit, I would plant 3 or 4 feet from edge of trench. Mature feijoa drops an occasional sprinkle of leaves year-round, like most broadleaf evergreens.

Do you need easy access to the trench to keep it free of debris?

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I have been spraying to kill weeds and blackberries from growing in the trench figuring that anything that grows in the trench will soak up rain water preventing it from going to the pond. Wright now my pond is 4’ low so if we every have a heavy down fall again I’m going to need that water but it only gets water after the ground is saturated and it rain fast all day.

Well that’s another reason to plant them a little further back, so they don’t get sprayed when you spray the ditch.

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Are the chemicals you’re spraying in the ditch getting washed into the pond?

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I spray the leaves of the weeds and blackberries three days at least before rains but yes I guess it could eventually make it to the pond 300 ft away.