Options for pollinating Mariposa in SF east bay area

We would like to get the Mariposa plum. It needs pollination. We currently have an Inca plum (likely too early) and a Weeping Santa Rosa.

Would the WSR bloom overlap with Mariposa? WSR (described as “early” bloom time) is a few weeks later than Inca (which is very, very early).

I am in a similar climate to you, but south of the bay area. I have both Mariposa and WSR. The bloom times do not overlap. I am looking for a pollinator for the Mariposa as well, and plan to graft Satsuma onto it next year. I may try some other pollinators as well. Bay Laurel Nursery lists Catalina, Nubiana and regular Santa Rosa as pollinators for Mariposa.

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Thank you! Does your WSR bloom before or after your Mariposa?

To be honest, I don’t remember which one blooms first. I just remember that they don’t bloom at the same time.

Here Mariposa blooms first. Just Santa Rosa, not sweeping SR, blooms next. But I have all 3 varieties in one tree so I get plenty pollination. Shiro, Satsuma, and Santa Rosa.

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It might make sense to graft some Santa Rosa into the Mariposa for pollination. We get lots of Santa Rosa plums every year, as we are CSA hosts for a farm that grows them, so we are hoping to add more variety with our trees (like Mariposa). The low chill requirements for us are limiting. Some years we’ve only gotten 150 chill hours, so I’m trying to prioritize the extremely low-chill varieties (like Mariposa and Inca).

We are also thinking about the Burbank plumcot, which apparently blooms between the Inca and WSR. Not sure if it would bloom at the right time to pollinate the Mariposa, but maybe.

I have Sweet Treat pluerry for 200-300 chill hours, but it’s very productive here.

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