Orange seedling raspberries

Ate some orange raspberries for supper. These came from a bird planted seed in the flower bed, grin. Available parents “Heritage” which is a firm tangy primocane bearing red, and ‘Fall Gold’ which is a soft yellow primocane bearing variety which tends to shatter when ripe. |The seedling looks a lot like the Fall G

old canes, but the berry is firmer and with a little more tang. The orange ones are on top of the reds, with a Fall Gold for interest.


dang i wish you were in the U.S. id trade some cuttings of cascade gold for some of your orange ones. cascade gold isnt a heavy producer but its berries are very good and is a summer producer so i get a full crop. fall gold and anne get froze out here before i get many berries.


Yah, location is everything, isn’t it? I’m on the north shore of an island in the Gulf of St Lawrence, so the big body of water means I pick raspberries till some time in November. Florocanes sometimes get broken up with the winter snows, so I on ly have one variety, Royalty.


Are those varieties available in the U.S.?

luckily we are getting a warm fall and im still getting berries on my everbearing ones.

Well, that’s good :slight_smile: One year we had a hard frost in Sept, and all the berries and leaves froze…sigh.

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