Orange tree help


Looking for help with my orange tree. I have 2 oranges and 2 eureka lemons, and i live in Southern California.

Ive noticed my leaves in all of my trees will get leaf curl, spots, and discolor. I also just noticed some of these white bugs or insects on ond of my orange trees.

What are they and what can i do to get rid of them?

Thank you.

I hope it’s not this.

Those bugs look like scale to me. I’ve never seen them white like this. The scale that attack my citrus are all a darker color.

To keep ants off your tree you can can put a loop of a stretch tape like flagging tape around the trunk (stretchy so it doesn’t girdle the tree) and put tanglefoot on the tape to catch the ants

The distorted leaves are caused by Citrus Leafminer, and the shell-like bugs are Cottony Cushion Scale. If you want to be organic you can get partial control with Spinosad. For better control of the scale in home gardens I recommend Ortho Fruit Tree Spray.