Orangeglo Watermelon

I picked this 2 days ago and had half of it for dinner last night and will have this half tonight. For those of you who are psychologically turned off by the thought of eating a yellow watermelon, Orangeglo will definitely free you from your phobia.
I’ve grown many different yellow fleshed(although this is truly orange) melons and this my all time favorite. The taste is like no other watermelon you’ve ever had, red, pink, or yellow. It is extremely sweet, yet truly flavorful. I wish I could send each one of you a slice, and you will totally understand what I mean. For those of you that grow watermelons and have a long season, this is a must variety for your melon patch.


:yum: :yum: :yum: :yum:I love to eat orange/ yellow watermelons, especially the vine ripe ones. They taste sooo good.

That is fantastic. I wish I could grow melons!!! It just looks sweet! I want some! The color by the way is amazing. The yellow-orange color is beautiful.

Rayrose, you watermelon is so good :yum: . I’ve read reviews about Orangeglo and wanted to grow it this summer. Unfortunately my seeds did not germinate. They were bought in reputable company and are supposed to be fresh. I tried two times and both times the seeds rotted. So this summer I have only red and yellow watermelons. Well, may be next year…

My seeds also didn’t germinate this spring, but they were old. I have grown Orangeglo and its the best of the watermelons I have tried.

Its been quite a few years since I last grew melons, the squash beetles usually put me out of business before the harvest came in. My daughter wanted to grow watermelons so we got out the old seeds this spring.

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Season is too short for me here in IL to grow this successfully though. I had tries several times in the past, ended up with a unripe, less than volley ball size melon

You reminded me i have to buy a watermelon or 2 before summer is done…I go all those winter months without a good piece of watermelon… need to get my fix.

I’ve never had much luck growing them…i can do smaller melons just fine… pests and timing always seem to do me in… maybe next year i’ll try again. I honestly prefer seedless these days.

With the amount of room they take…the long season…paying $3-$4 for a melon is worth it. I give the growers a lot of credit…i’ve had some fantastic store bought melons this year. (probably buy 8-10 melons a season)…

Not fully ripe yet either unless those seeds never turn black. Heirloom variety! Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

That’s a bit over ripe as indicated by the flesh condition around the seed. Not knocking your fruit Ray as it looks great. Where do you buy seeds?

The last two yrs I’ve had trouble getting the maturity right. My tendril method hasn’t been working.

The seeds on this variety don’t turn black, they’re a beige color with black around the edge

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It may look over ripe, but it isn’t. When I put in the refrigerator, I forgot to cover it
with plastic wrap. That’s why it may look a little over ripe, but it’s good and crunchy.
This season, we’ve had very little rain ( 1 inch in July) and that has made all of my melons
extremely sweet this year. I bought new Orangeglo seeds this year from Baker Creek and was
very disappointed with them. I had very poor germination and had to replant 3 times.
I will probably trash the seeds and buy from another vendor next year.
Steve, the tendril method doesn’t work for me either. Sometimes you have to wait for
all of the tendrils or even the whole vine to die. But with Orangeglo, the underside will
usually develop orange striping, when it’s ripe.


This is the first year that I am growing this variety (by coincidence also from Baker Creek seeds) and was wondering if anyone had other suggestions for determining when they are ready to pick. Thanks.

Gorgeous melon, Rayrose. Looks good enough to bury your face in. My nephew in s, Montana grows an orange one called Orange Crush from Gurney’s, have you tried it? My wm seedlings all developed fruit blotch before I transplanted. Enjoy that wm.

That’s a great looking watermelon! We grow dessert king melons here because they are more forgiving of our weather. The variety I grow produces both yellow and pink melons but mostly yellow. Let us know how many you wind up getting if you would. Truly beautiful melons that I’m definitely impressed with!

No, Orange Crush is one of the few I haven’t tried. Does your nephew like it?

I grew a yellow and i thought it was disgusting…although i have no luck growing them so who knows what level of ripeness it was. I’ve noticed WalMart and other stores are even selling different flesh colored melons now.

I went out and bought a big seedless melon today because of this thread.

Did you save any seeds? Although I know it’s a good chance they won’t come true to type since you grow so many varieties, I still had to ask.

Are there any more ripening on the vine? Even if you can’t share a slice with everyone, you might have a surprise guest show up at dinner time if I know when you harvest the next one. :wink:

Good looking melon. :thumbsup:

I do have a few left, but I’ve committed to bring enough yellows to feed about 25 people
at the Southeastern fig festival in Charlotte, but I’m sure I can find a Big Stripe for you.
Although it’s a red melon, it’s just as good as Orangeglo. Come by sunday morning,
before it gets too hot.

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RR, He’s real narrow minded about wm and Orange Crush is all he grows…he loves it! Gotta remember he’s in S. Montana and that definitely skews how things taste because of their climate and soil. Things that grow well here taste funny when he grows them and versa visa. I think their beef and lamb taste weird too. I don’t know where my case of fruit blotch came from but those seedlings got it too so start them in peat pots to check.