Orangered apricot chilling and flowering issues

My four greenhouse Orangered trees with 1300 Utah chill hrs had not a single flower that opened. They had flower buds but they didn’t open. The two outdoor trees are going to have maybe 10 open flowers out of at least 1,000 flower buds. Last yr the greenhouse trees had a few open flowers and outdoors opened 10-20%.

This sure sounds like a chilling issue. But I’m totally at a loss to explain how my greenhouse trees won’t bloom. Either it’s something else or the Utah model doesn’t work for this fruit or maybe it needs more than 1300 hrs. Virtually every night for 75 straight days was 38-45F for 12 hrs. Temperature seldom exceeded 58F during the day. That seems like a lot of chilling to me but maybe it needs a 5 month winter, not 2.5 months.

Where is everyone else at regarding this fruit?

On your recommendation I bought an Orangered. My tree now four years old has many buds on it but is it too early to flower. Last year all of the fruit dropped (I thought only because it is a young tree; that has happened with ninety percent of my young trees/ stonefruit: plums, peaches and apricots). This year I have had freezing and lower temps this winter and it seems to like it. I think it might be a chill issue. I’ll know more in a month.

I grafted it onto my Blenheim a couple of weeks ago. I’ll let you know next year. :grin:

My Orangered is in a 15 gallons pot and overwinter in a unheated tornado shelter and full of flower buds. I will bring it outside in late March. I will update if it blooms for me.


Mrsg and Tony:

You’ll be a good test since your winter is a lot longer than mine. Thanks for the interest!


Aren’t you in a low chill area? If you can fruit it I should be able to.

I get over 1000 Utah chill hours on an average. Last two years and this one have been exceptions though.

Outdoors here we are rated 700-800 hrs below 45 and probably ave about 500 Utah. We were ave to somewhat below ave this yr.

I’ll be grafting it this year.

I planted mine about a month ago. Hopefully, it will flower next year. This winter, we had 1236 Utah Model chill units and 777 32-45 chill hours.