Orchard design for dummies

The 6 foot spacing you’re using is from the paper you referenced. My value of 4 foot is a calculated value from a combination of the chart and the calculator I linked in my post. It’s for climate conditions in Michigan rather than those of New York state which your paper is based on. There are two other differences. First, I am using sprinkler irrigation “as needed” instead of carefully monitored drip line irrigation. Second, Fuji is a much higher vigor scion than GoldRush. If I redo the calculation for a Fuji scion with drip irrigation I get a 6 foot spacing too.

In the paper you referenced, the trees are trained to the vertical axis system which is similar to the tall spindle system. These trees are supported by a trellis. In these systems you crop earlier and don’t build a lot of wood that can be used to produce a self supporting tree. The training methods and the early crop “runts the tree out” to a certain degree. This allows the tree to be kept in a small space with minimal pruning.

For a self supporting tree you build a lot of wood and produce a self-supporting tree with a strong framework using a central leader training system which means the tree fruits later in life. The central leader produces a big tree that doesn’t need a stake but it’s going to require wider spacing unless your willing to do a bunch of heavy pruning.

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Hello. I have a small orchard of about 85 trees on one acre of land. on the mid-coast of Maine. Most of my trees are semi-dwarf with a couple of standards.

I have been using a “Spot Shot Battery Operated Sprayer” (4 gal.) and find it to be perfect for my place _ which is on several sloping hills. The sprayer is quite easy to use and with a 50’ hose makes it easy to have good coverage. Best. Waite Maclin, Pastor Chuck Orchards, Cushing, Maine

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I have a little sprayer that I could drag behind a lawnmower or 4wheeler. I inherited it somehow through my wife’s family- Gramps was a cherry farmer. I need to get it going and probably should put some good detergent through it…

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After the orchard design for dummies thread was revived with the calculator link, I was keenly interested in what layout you decided upon. There were so many ideas floated, it would be interesting to know what you picked and how it is working for you.

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Sorry to keep everyone in suspense. No real definitive plan picked yet. Nursery trees are getting way too big and crowded…

I was up cleaning the chimney for Santa so I grabbed a picture. I put a magic wand on my list, so I can get the fence and irrigation well house done!

I guess to continue the ‘for dummies’ saga I’m having challenges with the orchard. I may need to just sell a bunch of trees and regroup after finishing other infrastructure projects. Due to flood plain rules and topography challenges we’re really considering digging in back there for a garage. Getting that all squared away has stunted progress. I have wanted to deer fence the yard and orchard together. Building deer fence on a slope is a pain enough to contemplate - but figuring out a garage and a turnaround even more. Good winter project.