Orchard in bad shape

Just made it to my orchard and found it in bad shape. My peach trees have zero,peaches and look like I may lose them to peach leaf curl. Very few leaves and those that are there look awful. My apples have almost no fruit. Asian pears nothing… Bartlett has a few fruits, but not more than a handful. It’s a horrible year and I am not sure why. I wonder if I got a late frost, did my spray program do something. Not at all sure. I lost four trees this winter maybe due to deer last year. Did anyone else get hit hard with late frost? I’m really sad. At least my bees are ok. Should have ample honey this year.

Dan, this has been the worst spring in my lifetime for growing fruit. Warm spell in late winter. Then long cold damp rainy spring, with late freezes. Then switch right to hot humid summer. Awful.

I’m with you guys. We had a late freeze on May 15th, about 26 or 27F. Lost my grapes, peaches, nectarines, 99% of plums and apples, and a ton of strawberries. Even my first raspberry flowers are opening and have the “brown circle of death” and are not setting fruit. Worst year ever . . . :rage:

All I can say is that really sucks Dan :disappointed:

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Dan, Mamuang and I suffered the same losses. We have cherries and pears, a few plums and thats about it. I think you might need help with your orchard. Someone who will go over and spray for you would be great and they could keep an eye on what is happening. It is so hard to grow fruit in our zone given the weather. Growing fruit without much supervision is really tough. At least I didn’t lose trees. Sorry for your loss, like Matt said the spring was cold and killed most of our fruit.

Mrs. G. I don’t even have plums. All I have are some pears and cherries… None of a few cousters of apples set fruit as they bloomed at different times and too cold for a bee activity.

Dan - if you cannot get to your orchard often and grow fruit trees in NY, I would not grow peaches. They need a lot of attention. Apples or pears would be fine. Sttone fruit esp peaches will be a heart breaker.

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I can’t imagine having a orchard away from my home. Things change so rapidly with weather and bugs ect. Would drive me crazy thinking about it and not going out to check on stuff.

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sorry to hear lose of crops. This year is strange, I have one apricot and handful of plum, but my peaches are loaded ,Asian pear looks OK too


Where in NY are you.

My irchatd is in Purling abiur 35 miles directly south of Albany.

I also lost ALL my stone fruit. Will have some apples and pears though.

This is the year to sculp the trees as there should be much vegetative growth.

If 2017 is like 2014 was then we should get a super bumper crop. That’s the mantra I keep repeating to myself to keep my sanity.


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Im in Central NY. I put 2 of my peaches in 2007 I think it was and they have been fine. 2 or 3 years ago they came through half inch of snow while in full bloom. I was amazed and thought they were invincible. Not so apparently. Last year was also not good. I had/have fire blight for the first time ever really. I just hope my peach trees make it until next year.