Orchard Keeper

Hello. May I introduce you to Orchard Keeper? It’s a flexible management and recording solution for orchards and their individual trees which can be updated and maintained on a private or collaborative basis by admins or volunteers.

I would like to invite feedback and a limited number of orchard keepers to have their orchards included and coded to suit their requirements: apples or pears, cherries or plums, oranges or peaches, or any other orchard fruit. This will assist the project to have a platform coded for all fruit tree orchard types and geographical areas.

Orchard Keeper is a commercial concern but has been developed in partnership with local apple and pear heritage charities in the UK and it is hoped that the system cannow be expanded for other fruit types - hence the request for fruit specific recording criteria and other orchard examples from wider afield.

If this is of interest to you, and you are willing to help out please contact me via a direct message.
Thank you.


Not intended as spam. Really want to reach out to fruit growers for assistance and an opportunity in return to be featured.

Sorry, it seemed spam like. I apologize.

No worries. Glad to have some interaction. We have lots of info on apples and pears here in the UK but would truly appreciate ideas on recording criteria for other orchard fruits further afield.

I followed the links and it sure looks to me that you are advertising a business which violates the rules of the forum.

Apologies Alan. I have edited out the link and explained further my reason for posting.

You are welcome to contribute your knowledge about fruit growing or other fruit- related matters.

However, advertising your business is not allowed. Any post that admins deem as promoting your business will be removed.

So can someone decide whether this is now OK? If not, please advise and I will take it down.

Since you are more doing an experiment I think we will just let it stay. If it was an existing commercial product that would be another matter.