Orchard mapping app

Hi everyone!

Would anyone be interested in trying out my new iOS app - not yet released - which I did for orchard mapping? It allows you to quickly create a place in a map, with rich annotation options, including images. You can create your own annotation form, using predefined items such as star rating, simple text field, predefined values selector, checkbox, multi value list, automatic counter. You can have more forms and switch between them (e.g. I have a different form for trees in my orchard, and a different form when I am mapping interesting trees in old abandoned orchards.). It is document based, so you can have a separate document for different gardens. It has offline maps and other interesting features. In case you are interested, please write me here, or drop me an email to support@tapmints.com

Now when the most important message is out, let me introduce myself :slight_smile:

11 years ago I have moved to an area which used to be famous for its fruit orchards - it is Nová Baňa, Slovakia. Since then, I became fascinated with the world of old orchards and all the culture and history around it. Started to learn about fruit growing and started to work on reviving and understanding my old orchard. I like to gather information about fruit trees from elder people who remember the old days - and I needed a tool where to record their comments and their trees. So I have joined two my passions - fruit growing and programming - and created an iOS app for that. I also use it to record notes about my own trees, too.


can you share some screenshots please?

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Of course, here they are. The first snapshot is the main map screen, where you see an overview of an orchard. You can also create pins there (add trees). The second snapshot is a tree detail, with a basic form, consiting only of map position, title, description and images. You can create own forms, with multiple different fields, such as star rating etc. Sorry for my notes in screenshots not being in english, these are actually two interesting trees from my friends orchard.

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FYI the app is live on the app store ‎Poi Pinner on the App Store. I hope it will be useful for you.

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