Orchard Photos Time Lapse Records

I would like to propose a project that all of us can to participate in which I think will be helpful and FUN and it is as follows:

  1. Upload a photo or set of photos from the orchard as it is now.
  2. Right above each photo type the DATE, FRUIT ID, ZONE OR LOCATION

Then throughout the season take additional photos of the same item from the same place (mark an “x” on the floor of the orchard :slight_smile:) and perspective and then go back to your ORIGINAL post and “EDIT” your own post by uploading the new photo right beneath the previous one and again adding the DATE, FRUIT ID & ZONE OR LOCATION.

Do this as often as you feel there is a change or progress worth noting.

This way we can have a time lapse history of the orchard as a whole or of a specific area of the orchard or of a specific tree, or closeups of individual fruit or cluster of fruit etc.

ADDITIONALLY, This would also help in recording the progression of any disease and results of any cure by treatment or surgery etc.

Just the volume of information available here is a huge trove of information based on the experiences of people like us facing problems similar to ours. This will not be the same as research study results, which are useful and great, but don’t usually hit the mark for problems that we home orchadists and non-mega commercial growers face) .

This will also create an actual record year by year (dare I hope!) of how and when and where actual specific trees/varieties bloomed and how they fared based on the weather experienced in any particular year. How was bloom delayed or accelerated by a warm or cold winter or spring or by rainfall or drought, and actual ripening dates and all WITH PICTURES. We can compare year to year .

Others here can spot and point out any mistakes we might be making.

This started out as just a one sentence post and it just grabbed me and the idea just expanded as I typed.

What do you all say? Am I going nuts? I think its more that possible.





I think it’s a great idea. Over time the thread will surely be so successful it’ll become unwieldy, but that’s a good problem to have and when it happens we’ll find a solution

A lot of possibilities,Mike. Brady

it sure will, perhaps better to create separate threads or just insert the links into one thread, as many of us have many before-after, as well as happily-ever-after photos. And below is one(of too many) photo doc of a ‘happily ever after’ have logged at wordpress.


I really don’t think this would prove to be unwieldly.

The structure I envision acts as both a personal and a public storage place of important information I can go to the thread and see all my stuff in one place neatly displayed and dated and others can come and look at mine and I at theirs

It self limits the number of different threads because THERE IS ONLY ONE THREAD that will have all the photos. Within that one thread there are all the individual conversations Each set of photos is like a separate conversation within the thread. And each person will have his/her OWN photos in a single continuous post.

By editing and adding photos to one’s original photo upload rather than starting a new conversation within the thread, the pictures themselves will always be chronologically one after the other stored and available in one scroll. Comments and advise will continue to be added as usual but .

As you scroll through the thread you will know that each time you hit a batch of photos they are coming from ONE person and that there will be a continuity to the set of photos.

APPLE 5-1-17 ( original upload)
APPLE 5-5-17 ( added on May 5)
APPLE 5-22-17( ditto)
APPLE JULY 1-17(ditto)

PEACH 5-1-17
PEACH 5-8-17
PEACH 6-12-17
PEACH 7-22-17

PLUM 5-1-17
PLUM 6-20-17
PLUM 7-14-17

So you see all of my apple photos stay together and in chronological order. Same for the others.

I can log on to see the progress of my apples. Everyone else can see but only post comments but those will not interfere with the continuous photo array of my apple photos.

Same goes for each individual uploader.

Comments will continue to be added as usual.

And you can find a specific variety by either searching the uploader’s name, or the variety and just go to the search result that points to ORCHARD PHOTOS TIME LAPSE RECORDS and VOILA.

Linking to other sites will fragment the whole thing by having to follow that uploader’s photos by continuously going back and clicking on his/her latest link update.

I’m getting more hyped as I think of it. :slight_smile:

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Pardon the mess…



Rupp’s Romanian Mulberry graft: 4.15.2015
It got cold soon after so I hope this survives.

this site has unlimited storage, so i guess it is ok.
i do have thousands of before-after photos(and am sure others too), so it would stretch your thread out big time…and people who might not be interested in certain fruit species will end up having a lengthy scroll down the single thread. Embedding links contracts the entry, and people may easily skip the entry. It also helps if there might be people who’ve already been doing time lapse weblogs earlier than most, if they might be too lazy to re-organize the sequences into this thread.
btw, are the entries here ‘editable’ forever? I thought i saw some of my old entries, and don’t see the pencil(edit) icon anymore.


I had not though of the time limit on editing. Maybe Scott will chime in and tell us.

We seldom get members posting photos from way in the past. Usually its current photos that get posted

If this works I think it has value even if we use this season as the starting point. I don’t expect that people would be going into their photo archives to post .

I’m going to give it a try and see if it works as intended.


hopefully there’s no limit to the editing. Actually intended to do updates on some of my posts from as recently as 2016, but seem can’t add pictures to the same entry, so not possible to do a sequence without adding a new entry too far down the thread.


Scott. Is there a time limit on “editing” posts?

See above for discussion of the problem


Yes there is a fixed time limit on editing. It used to not be configurable but it looks like they made it an option to change since I last looked. It is currently set to 60 days. There are some reasons to keep it, for example one disgruntled member deleted all the posts they could before they left and it made a lot of conversations make no sense since they had holes in them. Since anyone can see all previous versions though they are not really fully hiding anything though.

OK I removed the edit time limit… if nothing bad happens we can keep it off.