Orchard pictures after few weeks of vacation!

We went away for 3 weeks and came back home to this.

This is the cherry tree planted last year. Had no signs of death in near future when I left.

My pear tree though not dying also shows weird brownish leaves.

Under all this weed was a mulched peach seedling with 4 successful grafts. It died too. I don’t think getting covered with weed killed it.

This peach seedling seem to be doing better despite the weeds. Plum grafts on it got attacked by Japan raw beetles.

All but 3 blue berries dropped.

Grapes showing signs of black rot despite 2 sprays of immunox so far. But much much better than what I normally see this time of year.

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Not all was lost. Here are few positives!

My persimmon tree planted this spring.

Asian pear tree also from this spring:

Vegetable garden was overgrown but had all this waiting for me:


Well, you won some, you lost some, but you’re still in the playoffs!

I know timing the yard and garden need can affect our plans. As we’ve gotten older we seem to be happy spending more time around the place though, so it’s OK.


I agree with our man in Montana! Looks like you won A great deal. Make a fabulous moussaka with your eggplant!


That persimmon looks super healthy. If the cherry tree was going to be a problem, better to have done with it in the first season.

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Thanks. I’m very happy about the growth of persimmon so far. Specially after reading people complain about how moody they can be the first year.
I decided to give up on cherry. Not going to plant any more cherry trees.

Those eggplants!

Your eggplants are weeks ahead of mine. Well done. Do you know when you planted them out?

First week of May. I planted a week earlier this year since forecast looked good.

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I used to always complain that everytime I visited my parents in Fl that I would lose 1-2 plants, and usually they were the most expensive or hardest to replace.

Now, having lost my parents I don’t miss many of those plants as much… (But I still stress when I’m out of town for e few days during the heat of summer…