Orchard Visit with Mike, Upstate NY 06-19-21

Yesterday, my husband, my daughter and I took a trip to Mike’s orchard in upstate NY. Prior to that, I asked Mike if we could visit because I really want to see an espalier orchard in-person and his place looked so beautiful in many pics he posted. Mike graciously said yes.

The place was/is as beautiful as in the pics. His summer home sits on a spacious open, well- mowed lawn. I love places that has a body if water so I love the pond. The whole area is lush green.

His orchard is fenced in and well protected from deer, raccoons, squirrels, etc. The only problem is attack from the air!!

His orchard is well- planned and organized. I was very happy to see how Mike espaliered his trees, mostly apples and pears. He also has apricots, plums, nectarines, peaches, plouts, etc.

Mike shared his knowledge generously. My regret is that I did not take many pics.

@mrsg47 wish we took this trip together. You would love it. Mike was a fun and entertaining host.



Mike and me.
His espaliered orchard is fruitful.
Thank you very much @MES111 for your hospitality.


This fruit is in my wish list. Spice Zee nectaplum.
Beautiful maroon foliage and Mike said the fruit are tasty.


Me too!!! I would have gone in a minute! What is the dark purple fruit? An apple?

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That is a nectaplum (a nectarine, peach and plum hybrid) called Spice Zee. This type of hybrid is also called interspecific nectarine.

The color of the leaves are also pretty. @MES111 has a lot of interesting fruit trees including the Redlove series of red-fleshed apples.

The summer home itself was a former restaurant!! The whole place is lovely and bucolic.

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It was my pleasaure to have you guys over.

Although friends and family definitively enjoy the orchard, it is a special pleasure to share it with those who actually know the process and the efforts that go into the project, and who, when I say, “I hate all the pc damage” do not respond with “yes, political correctness can be a problem” :roll_eyes:, and when I say “thrips” don’t think that I have a speech impediment. :laughing:



Very funny, or simply the overwhelming look of boredom. . .

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Thanks for sharing.
Amid the backdrop of green, the burgundy leaves of Spice Zee stands out.
Also interesting cables in the orchard, I wonder if birds love to sit on them.

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Those were originally intended to support bird netting. But I found that trying to net a 50x150 area is more easily said than done.

I have now planted some grapes and will see if I can train them up to these wires.


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Hey Mike.
Upstate NY here also, an hour above Albany, NY near Lake George,(Lake Luzerne) NY. I have wanted to get down to that area below Albany, but never have, even though I grew up in Luzerne. My mothers family the Stantons were originally from Westerlo, NY. At any rate, I was curious what Plum varieties you were having luck with that weren’t getting Black knot? My Bruce, Morris, Santa Rosa, Shiro, Hanska, Italian Prune(worst) and a few others have all become infected, so Im replacing my trees with new varieties. As of yet, my Alderman, Superior, Sweet August Sensation, and Black Ice havent gotten it. This year , I put in NY 9(Kenmore) and Seneca. Last year I put in: The President, Early Italian, and Waneta. Zone 5 here.


Luckily I have had no issues with Black Knot so I can’t offer any suggestions.

Now watch… next year I will have BK party going on in the orchsrd



Bite your tongue!




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