Order issue with Edible landscaping

Just wanted to share an odd experience I had with Edible Landscaping.

I submitted 2 orders this spring. One went flawless. I ordered 12 strawberry plants and 7 black raspberry plants. a week before mailing, they sent me an email confirmation that all the shipping information was correct and explaining their restocking fee if I decide to cancel. I confirmed the order and everything was received packed very well and in excellent condition.

the second order was the issue. I ordered a honey jar jujube, a sugarcane jujube, and a gooseberry plant. I knew the jujubes weren’t slated to ship till June so on June 7th I emailed them to check the status. they informed me there was a crop failure on the jujubes and they were either refunding or backordering for next spring. I get it, things happen when dealing with live plants. they also said that they might be out of the Jeanne in the 4 inch size I ordered and asked me what I wanted to do about the order. that same day I explained in my response email that I didn’t want to pay 15 in shipping for a $10 gooseberry and to cancel my order. here is the weird part. I just got an email today saying that the order was shipped anyway. no courtesy email to confirm the details like the first time, even though the majority of the order was cancelled on their end. this has me wondering if they didn’t have an issue with the jujubes in the first place and they just forgot about my order, sold out of jujubes, and rushed to ship the Jeanne last minute.

I really like their selection, plant quality, and shipping care. the fact that they are just down in VA and shipping to me in MD is another plus so I know the plants aren’t likely to spend as much time in shipment. I’ll likely still order from them in the future, but if an order has a delayed shipping I’ll likely be checking in more often next time.

did anyone else order jujubes from Edible Landscaping this year? any similar experiences?

Edible landscaping is using edibles instead of regular flowers and shrubs in the landscape.
A company that adapts this for their business name is a bit flakey from the start IMO.

Similar experience happened to me that left a bad taste in my mouth with Edible Landscaping. I ordered a SO and Sugar Cane Jujube. Along with the jujubes, I ordered a fig, couple of blackberry, and a pomegranate most of which I added to get to the next shipping bracket because you pay shipping by percentage of the purchase.

I did not get any notification that the bulk of my order was being cancelled. I was so disappointed when the order arrived. Knowing that this was the outcome, I would have cancelled my order because shipping the items cost too much as the total of the shipping was now in a higher percentage. I do not blame them for crop failure but no excuses for poor customer service in communication. Would I have know they did not have jujubes available, I would have looked around and ordered from other retailers but now it’s too late as most are out of stock.

I’ve had good experience with edible landscaping is the past but knowing that this can happen again in the future, my preference would go to another online nursery.

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I’ve had wonky experiences with them too as far as communications goes and them shipping items with no warning. I doubt if I order from them again.

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I got a Warren pear from them on Callery rootstock this year. I got a email stating it would be higher shipping charges. I said that was fine because no one else seems to be selling callery pears. They shipped one day late which would not normally be a issue except that one day late made it come on a day with a blizzard. It luckily is still living though.

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man that sucks, i wish nurseries that better communications with any changes in the order. i think customer should have the right to confirm or cancel an order with crop failures. i wouldn’t be happy only a partial of an order arrived and a lack of choice to be given before shipping it out.


They sold out of the size of an item I purchased and before shipment they asked me via email if I wanted a smaller or larger size instead. Not sure why you weren’t given an opportunity to make changes to the order. Fedco had a crop failure on an item I ordered from then this spring and didn’t notify me. Fortunately it was a large order so shipping didn’t change. Just had a letter with a check in the box for the failed items.

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