Oregano from seed


I’ve grown Greek oregano from seed many times, But I have always started it indoors around February and transplanted in spring.

Would oregano started from seed now (approx August 1) in zone 7 be able to overwinter, or would the plant be too small to survive?


Have you tried overwintering those plants in your location, or just removed the whole plant in the fall?

Just to be sure, you are growing Origanum heracleoticum?


They overwinter for me here.


Hmm … So apparently you don’t have enough plants!

Given the species is native to places like Bulgaria and Kazakhstan I’d give it a shot. Also, it roots easily so before Fall gets going in your area consider making indoor rootings to plant out next spring.


Well, I had some, but they got so overrun and intertwined with crabgrass, that in my attempt to pull out the crabgrass, I pulled out most of the oregano.


Weeding is a virtue.

  1. Decide how many plants you can maintain before you start.

  2. Stake out the boundaries to double check.

  3. Install automated irrigation if necessary (don’t forfeit vacations for watering).

  4. Install serious hardscape perimeters.