Organic Strawberries in Florida?

I want to try strawberries this year, but I’m reading they might be difficult. Florida, zone 9B. I do the Back to Eden thing with composted wood chips. I don’t really have a bed set up for strawberries yet, so I have a couple places to pick from.

They grow tons of commercial strawberries around where I live, but they’re almost exclusively using pesticides and fertilizer. And lots of water. The only water I have is chlorinated city water… With the wood chips and rain, I haven’t had to water any of my established plants.

Anyone have any thoughts on or experience with growing strawberries organically in my area? Thanks!

I found this resource about growing Strawberries in Zone 9:

They have specific / separate cultivar recommendations for Florida, and for Texas, and for California.

Seems like a lot of good info overall on their site, too.

For Florida, they recommend “Sweet Charlie”. I have a local nursery that carries that cultivar so I might give it a shot. Wish me luck!