Oriental Fruit Moth and Peach tree Borer insecticide

I only have a few fruit trees in the yard. Usually I don’t need to spread to much chemicals on the trees, However,
last year, things changed. my peaches got worms inside, I am planning ahead and searching for insecticide that big box stores carry. My yard is too small for mating disruption per google search. So hear is the questions:

1)Which brand and name of insecticide do you use to control Oriental Fruit Moth and Peach tree Borer?

  1. If #1) above can also control worms inside plum which will be great. If not, which brand and name of insecticide do you recommend for Plum/Apricot? Thanks

The UC IPM web page for OFM lists a number of products

I don’t know about peach tree borer, but for OFM and plum curculio (which may be the problem you’re having with plums), I use products containing permethrin (which is not organic). This seems to work well. Look for Bonide products with permethrin that can be used on fruit trees. With any insecticide – organic or not – do not spray until the petals have fallen off the flowers, since all such insectides are extremely lethal to honeybees and other pollinators.