Oriental fruit moth identification

This is my second year monitoring for OFM in my peach trees. I set pheromone traps last year but did not catch enough to warranty any control measures and had zero flagging. This year I’ve already caught some suspicious looking moths that I believe may be OFM. I have no personal baseline to know for sure. Hoping someone with experience can help me definitely ID this moth. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Look similar.

Oriental Fruit Moth | WSU Tree Fruit | Washington State University.

Maybe, @LarryGene could help confirm it.

I am doubtful that your moth above is OFM, there are just too many wing pattern differences.
OFM lacks the bold dark areas
OFM lacks the wing-tip patterns of your moth.
Your moth lacks the series of fine whitish dots at the leading FW edge.
Not sure if OFM is on the wing yet in Ohio.
I will look later to see if I can find a better fit.

Nope, couldn’t spot an exact match, it is some kind of a tortrix moth (nearly always a pest of something),
yours is too boldly patterned for an OFM.


Thanks Larry, I too was skeptical after doing some image searches. OFM appears to be more uniform in color and this moth has what I’ll call a “camouflage” pattern. I’ll keep vigilant. I really appreciate the insight. Thanks!

…but now I am curious: what is the exclusivity of these pheromone traps?
I have never used them and thought they were very selective–would trap just the named species.
Are those gnats and the crane fly from the OFM trap also?