Oriental fruit moths, anyone?


A tiny dimple on the dropped nectarine looked innicent enough

Look!!! What’s inside. The culprit.
OFM has legs so they crawled about.

OFM and plum curculio are my number one fruit destroyers. They lay eggs through organza jewelry bags and perforated bread bags.

They can do it if you use Clemson paper bags. Plastic zip lock bags did not work for me.


Can somebody confirm that this is oriental fruit moth? I pruned close to a foot off of dead branches. Found this little guy inside one branch. I don’t even have any fruit. Not sure what they are doing in my orchard.



Yes, those were flagging shoot damage by OFM. They don’t just eat fruit but feed on shoot tips as well. Those were classic signs.

In my areas, I see such damage until Sept. Penn Stae extension has good info about this serious pest.


Thank you.


I cut those flagging shoots off when I can. Sometimes I find worms inside, sometimes I don’t.


I had OFM and SWD both inside peaches. Got lazy on spraying towards the end. The chickens got the worms and I ate the worm poop peaches.