Osmocote substitute

I have been using osmocote 18-5-12 for my potted bench grafts. 8 pounds is now $35 at home depot.
I’m looking for a substitute that I could find locally because shipping of fertilizer is also expensive. I could take 50#. There is a Site One (john deere landscapes) nearby and a Nutrien Ag Solutions.

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I posted about this and supposedly Walmart has it for a cheaper price

you could call them and ask for “controlled release fertilizer” and hopefully they’ll understand. I’ve gotten a 50lb bag of something local to me that I’m still working on. here’s the CRF category at my local place:


I usually get a bag of The Andersons CRF from AM Leanord when they have free shipping promos. Which… I just saw is today


Thanks for that, I just jumped on it. Saved me $35

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