Ouch (apple growers issue)


Yep, we’ve had no dry weekend since Labor Day. If a grower is relying on customers to pick their own, most arent going to pick in the rain. Couple a poor harvest season, and a poor fruit set in downstate orchards, its a tough year for some growers.


I’m also reading about crop spoilage due to rain.

I’m unsure of just where Upstate NY is located. I have seen some nice crops of apples driving around my neck of the woods ( Lake Ontario South Shoreline Counties ). Not a lot of rain, actually we have had a mild drought. I have been by a couple of local u-pick and not many left hanging on the trees. I think they will be closing soon in our area.

That’s kind of the way farming is. When everyone has great weather and a bumper crop the prices are low. When one area has problems other areas get better prices.


You’re exactly right.
A business takes advantage of such things if they can. Home gardeners perhaps not.

Im on LI and we have been getting unusually bad monsoons regularly along with regular rainy days. Lost 90% of my liberties to cracking. Thankfully we have had a balance with stretches of very warm dry days - we are USDA 7 which helps vs upstate.
Im sure their margins are pretty narrow as it is. Lots of apple farms on the east end of LI but this year my hub has been very sick so we haven’t been out there. Wonder if they are affected too.