Our Lovely Satsuma


I’m probably gonna bore all ya’ll to death …I was out in the yard this weekend taking pics…buahaha.

Short story on this tree…

My husband found a rare seed in his mothers Satsuma fruit and planted it in a pot to see what may…

It germinated and was ripped from pot to pot…whacked on…thrown away…dug back out…finally when we bought our house I had a place for it in the ground. Pictures are of when it was first planted and now! This is the oldest living tree in our yard (13 or 14 years old).

Doesn’t that just make you all warm and fuzzy inside…hehe. :smirk:

This year will be an amazing year for fruit…see all those blooms! I should be tent living in the back yard right now! Smells are wonderful.


Sounds like a tough tree and productive too.I’m still looking for that one seed in a Sumo Mandarin. Brady


Gorgeous looking tree!


When I read the title of your thread I had a preconceived notion you were talking about Satsuma Plum. I thought to myself, why would it be “rare” to find a seed in an Asian Plum variety? Lol

Wish I could grow citrus. Nice looking tree.


Wow, is it on its own roots? What’s the timeline?


I want to say he planted the seed in 2003 or 4. Planted it in the ground around 2011 I think…got our first fruits in 2014!

All from memory soooo…I may be off a little.

Yes on its own roots. :slight_smile:


Does it taste like Satsuma? Seedless?


Yes it does…and seedless…I have found a rare seed though…:slight_smile:


It was meant to be, that’s so cool!


That’s what I tell my husband. I just couldn’t toss it out…I felt bad cause it came from seed and his pure pleasure of growing it! This is of course waaaay before I became a fruit tree murder! Now I go around murdering trees all the time. Hahaha


Your so funny!


You guys on the Left Coast with pics of all those blooming, beautiful trees. Why do you want to antagonise us Easterners so?? :grinning:

Seriously, keep them coming, they’re very nice.


Lovely tree. May my satsumas get that big and do that well. God bless.



Very nice story to your lovely satsuma! Your yard is also lovely! So are the pictures!


That’s been on my mind,after reading about the losses,just about anywhere East of the Rockies.My area didn’t suffer much.Should I not post pics of my fruit or will some people be happy to see them? Brady


Wow, what a great story! So, have you had fruit from this tree yet? Seedling citrus can take up to 12 years to bear fruit, so you all are doing great getting fruit already. Does it look and taste like a satsuma, or do you think it’s a cross of two different citrus?

Patty S.


Of course post your pics, we still want to see how things are doing there, and everywhere else. I was just joshing around. I won’t be getting any fruit from my new plants until next year, so I always want to see how things are going elsewhere.


Seems to be the same and is delicious. Skin is loose and easily slides off. Top peel rips off if you pick from tree. If it is not true …I can’t tell. :slight_smile:


Great story and what a beautiful tree…

I’m working on a couple of orange seedlings that I planted 2 years ago, so I’ve got quite a ways to go until I get to where you are…


No post your pictures. Lets see all the good, the bad, and the ugly.