Out with the old, in with the new……

After a bismal “22” going forward with a moderate brand new 23. No high hopes anymore. Already starting with plants leftovers 22 veggies, figs already repotted, citrus in Greenroom looking good.
My part is done, Mother Nature who knows, this year over a thousand gl of rainwater was barely enough to keep them alive and sort of happy. All mandarin tree’s are in bloom, i quess they are confused from this year drought. Been spraying them with GA3 to pollinate them without bees, might work! Peppers and tomato plants from this year late planting will get a head start next Spring.

These suckers are huge!! I am in pomelo heaven! I am also in mandarin heaven thanks to my Rojo Brilliante and others trades. All top varieties, what a trip!


Mr. dude, that stuff you do is incredible.

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my 2 year old dwarf Mineola is ripening 3 fruit and has set about 15 or so new ones. just made a marmalade with my calamondins. delicious! made some chicken using it as a glaze. definite keeper.


Looks amazing. What are your favorite pomelos and mandarins? My satsuma tree came into full production this year and I am so surprised at the load. We have been eating mandarins everyday since Oct and shared with some friends, still we are not even 50% done. I might have over-planted citrus trees for our consumption.


Everything I grow are my favorites. It took a long time to get what you want to grow. It takes a lot of info from the older members that keep tract of the better varieties. Then finding members willing to trade.
I have spend zero dollars on the sionwood I traded, other than postage.
Super Nova, all the threes Tahoe, Yosemite and Shasta, Xie Shan, Daisy, Dream Naval, Cara Cara died.
Still have my Page, going on 13 years. Plus the above mentioned pomelo’s. Pomelo’s and mandarins are growing 3 or more tree’s. Plenty,plenty, plenty for sure not in your State but Arkansas!
When it comes to tasting, your State is probably better tasting, but that doesn’t bother me at all, still excellent for me. Oops forgot Shiranui.



Your citrus are fantastic. Yes, we can go them here in ground, but not necessarily always better tasting than yours. Living near the coast, most of the pomelos and CaraCara don’t sweeten up here compared to inland. Thats ok, as there are so many other varieties that perform well here.

Thanks for the list. I planted Valentine pomelo after seeing your pics.

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