Outdoor Sump Pump

Does anyone have any experience with an outdoor sump pump ? I’m especially interested in setting one up that can run on marine batteries and be recharged with a solar panel. We have a catch basin on the border of our field (300 feet from the house) but it is a few inches higher than the lowest spot where all the water ponds. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to tap in to the side of it, but I figure a pump would be pretty non invasive.

I would change the phrasing of what you are googling to “submersible trash pump.” A trash pump will pump more of the muck and sand you might end up pumping better than your usual residential sump pump. Working as a plumber in high school/college, we would use a trash pump that looked like your usual sump pump to pump water out of the trenches we dug for the under-floor plumbing. They’d pump muck and small rocks fine.

As far as outdoor, most sump pumps are submersible units, so I think it probably is in the wiring after the pump that you would need to be careful. Anyways my $0.02.

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Have you considered correcting the grade by importing some soil fill or moving some dirt around? If it’s done right it would be a permanent fix and you wont be dealing with the expense and hassle of installing and maintaining the equipment for the rest of your life.

I did some research before installing a sump pit in my basement. I would be concerned with using a trash pump on an up slope drain line. Seems to me that a lot of debris may build up in the pipe especially if it is 300 feet. Rule of thumb is 1/4" per foot drop for a drain line.

I think if you could find a forum where plumbers meet you may be able to get some good advice.