Over 60,000 Free Ebooks What can you find ? Grapes (edit title)

I searched the latin name Vitis

the grapes of New York
the cultivation of Native Grape, and the manufacture of American Wines
The raisin Industry
II Vino undici conferenze fatte nell’inverno dell’anno 1880 (Italian)
American Grape training
(etc.) 2 others

I did find this recently looking at something,
and like the pictures on The Emperor’s Rout, by Unknown
but have many other old resource books wrote as well
(like people that studied persimmons genectics from 100 years ago , but another site)

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LEt me know if you use it, and find what types of words are good to search
nothing came up for annonaceae ,
or the grape family vitaceae

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I also just did a Advanced search for VITICULTURE
Some other ones came up not listed under just vitis grapes latin name.,

but not many more. edit Mistake A different format with the Author names of each Book
Interesting because you can click on the name, of he Author and see what other books they wrote
like the Cherries of New york By Hedrick U.P (1870-1951) the pears of NY the peaches of NY the
(wrote the grapes of New York, but not listed just searching quick search.

You can also go to the Advanced search , and Click on the Locc
See botany ebook, Agriculture E books listed depending on what subjuct (plant culture farm animals etc )

(does this link work ) botany (section On LoCC) (edit may want to make sure the English option is filled to narrow it down to 144)
All launguages link work link , but not filling it out for posting link Browse By Library of Congress Class: Science: Botany | Project Gutenberg

This did not work just for doing a advanced search for vitis just vinticulture
(under subject )
Let me know what you all find out if you will.

Forum Members A tip that might help
I just looked at the trees of Texas didn’t see the INDEX

HOLD CTRL (and) F pops up a find box (type in INDEX)
(Index at end of page No wonder)

this is good to use if you lose your place in reading as well on the page.

(I just also clicked (ctrl f) edible never know they had Dwarf Chestnuts Castanea pumila or knew of them at all.
but only 11 tree’s listed as such not even pawpaw was so .)
I never knew of the fruit tree ( ANAQUA (Ehretia anacua) either in the borage family or know much fruits that are in that family.
sounds like hackberry (hemp or elm family ) some sites say with thin flesh, and large seed, others do not (and not listed on growing fruit) → ANAQUA or ehretia in search

On another forum a Administrator had a tip for a Computer without a back screen LIGHT
maybe someone can chime in to hard to read for a long while staring at light.
I know what it is , (but wonder is anyone knows more about these here)

Anaquas are very common here is South Texas. They are multi trunked. They grow several trunks which eventually fuse together and apparently are very strong when large enough. The story is that missionaries brought them to Texas from Mexico because of their usefulness as food producers and construction materials. The mission at Goliad has some massive specimens. I consider them an attractive shade tree. We have hackberries as well and I would rate the berries as similar. D