Over wintering a potted Issai Mulberry

I have an Issai Mulberry that is potted in a 12 gallon container. It’s dropped all of it’s leaves. It will probably end up in the ground next spring but for now should I just treat it like an over wintered potted fig? Should I bring it in and store it in my unheated garage? I’ve not pruned it so it’s a bit unwildly. As for the plant itself, I ordered it because I wanted a small mulberry. It produced about a dozen berries this summer and they were quite disappointing. Nothing like the wild mulberries I remember as a kid. These had a very grassy taste. I’m hoping that like figs the flavor gets better as the bush matures, otherwise it will get the axe.

I don’t see any problem with keeping it in a garage. I would give it some time. Last year the wilds tasted bad, this year a late freeze killed them all. Three years ago they were fantastic.

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I planted mine from a 5 gallon and don’t think I’ll protect it. Isn’t it hardy to zone 5?

When in a pot the general consensus is to subtract two zones. I’m in 5b so to leave in containers I need zone 3b plants. That’s with no protection. In ground some of the roots never freeze, you have to have tough plants that can stand frozen roots.

It’s in the ground now, Drew.