Overwatering - diagnosis?

Does this fit overwatering? This is a seedling apricot. Last year I did not necessarily notice a problem (but was not paying attention) and then late in the fall I noticed that the branches looked not just dormant, but dead, with peripheral twigs that were dry and brittle. Irrigation drip emitter was broken, though I never noticed excess water in that area. I had noticed poor growth but did not notice wilting that I recall.

I suspected overwatering (or fungus?) so I raked away the base down to top roots, giving it some air. 2 months later and to my relief, it has some living shoots.

Symptoms: died from outside in, tips were brittle dead twigs easily broken off. More centrally it is somewhat alive.

I did remove scion to graft it and unfortunately the cambium is brown, not green. Thanks for your thoughts and recommendations.

Additional information:
-I had a similar problem with blueberries, which I did not think I was overwatering because the citrus and cherries around them were fine with the same water.
-I have a well in southern California, which has triple the solute of our municipal water. My plants do okay with it but it is a lot more salt.

Here is the living shoot:

Could be crown rot.

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When my cherries died on what I predict was overwatering they leafed out and the leaves turned brown or black and fell off. When I pulled them the roots had a white fungus on them.

That makes sense. If true, those shoots will not survive very long without a healthier root system. I wonder if I should cut the tree back substantially so there are fewer shoots to compete for hydration from the sick roots.

Another option is T-budding the new growth, which I have never successfully done on stone fruit. This tree was an intentional seedling so I would preserve it if I could.

Prunus scions are fairly easy to root.