Own-root pawpaw propagation

Does anyone have any experience propagating pawpaws (or persimmons, or any other fruit trees that tend to spread by root suckers) in such a way that the suckers/stolons they send out will be identical to the scion and not the rootstock? I have heard of root grafting apples in a way that eventually girdles the rootstock, but it seems to me like this would not be very compatible with pawpaws or persimmons, both of which have strong taproots that they are very dependent on.

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There have been some talks here about this with pawpaws. @disc4tw was really interested if I recall correctly.
The major centers of pawpaw research have evidently not succeeded in this method of propagation.

This topic discusses it, as well as this one Pawpaw propagation from cuttings

Long story short, it can be done but it would take a lot of effort and many failed trials.

Persimmons are a little bit more optimistic.

I have yet to have success but also haven’t been very good about taking care of cuttings. I will make a concerted effort when I have more material and free time (probably over the winter). I also need to track down a fog machine on clearance after Halloween to trial with these as well as some blueberries.


Apparently they don’t root much from cuttings.

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