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Anyone have any updated best plums/stone fruits for growing in pnw area?

  1. best in taste
  2. best in taste AND easy to grow

I’ve seen the page by NW Fruit (Western Washington Fruit Research Foundation) but just wanted to check for others not mentioned. Thanks in advance!

See PM. Cutting into 6" sticks is fine. Thank you.

Apologies if its already been mentioned, but what are you basing your pollination combination info on?

I have Splash, Geopride, Flavor Grenade, and Emerald Drop all on the same tree close to Nadia and now Beauty. Hollywood isn’t too far away. I figure they should cover each other one way or another.

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Based on the description on DWN website. I don’t have the multi-grafted tree all three are on their own root stocks and planted next to each other.

Best how? easy to grow or tasty.

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@Oregon_Fruit_Grow good question, now that I think about it:

  1. best in “easy to grow AND tasty”
  2. best in “taste” (but not that easy to grow)

Nikita’s gift is a hybrid American/Asian, so it has both flavors and it’s big. Hachiya is a straight Asian, so it is sweeter, but with less of the butterscotch/rum American complex flavor.
John S

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Pie cherries grow great here. I don’t spray at all and get a ton of MOntmorency pie cherries.
John S

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So does my next door neighbor, but their trees look ready to die despite still producing really well last year. The trunks have been badly splitting because they look to be entirely rotten in the heart wood, and mostly hollowed out. But they’ve asked me to help graft them on a volunteer cherry that came up next to them, so the old trees can be removed, so that’s one of my grafting projects this year.


Well I wasn’t expecting to wake up to snow this morning! Some accumulation overnight even though it’s 35°F currently. Always fun seeing snow on avocados :grinning:


Good Point John,
I am actually top working my neighbors sweet cherry with Montmorency this spring, spoke with him yesterday and he is happy with the idea! The critters dont seem to want them.

I’d add that even locally, bloom times, even relative, vary.

If its individual variety DWN descriptions they may just be suggesting a couple of popular ones that are known to overlap, not necessarily an exhaustive list.

And when you say “planted”, I assume in the ground. I’d say those are placed next to each other :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile: I have put them in pots to grow their roots and let soil settle from taking down some conifer trees to make space for Pluots. I am hoping FG, Splash and FK will make it into the ground.

My experience when I talk to others around here is that if you grow pie cherries, you get almost all of them. If you grow sweet cherries, the birds get most of them and they have more other problems too. Lucky for me because I prefer pie cherries anyway, but I know many others don’t.
John S

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I pruned my large Lattarula tree from 4 scaffolds to two and made some space for another variety. Lattarula produces two crops consistently but too many fruits than we can eat without getting bored.

I got some cuttings ordered from figaholics sale. Which one of these figs is a must grow in the ground.

  1. Longue D Aout
  2. De Tres esplat
  3. RDB
  4. Grantham’s Royal.
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