Paint for trees?

what kinda paint do you use to protect it from the sun?

Light colored latex paint is excellent for preventing sunburn. Take a look at this older post Painting trunks for sunburn and rodents


I use a cheap white indoor latex paint mixed 50/50 with water


how much does it cost and how much do you need to paint a few trees?

About $10 and up per gallon. A quart should paint several trees. Here is an example


Yep, the same here.

Does anyone know why it is always advised to use interior instead of exterior paint?

Because some exterior paints have added mildewcides and other chemicals that may harm trees…or at least that’s what I’ve always read.

I’ve seen some recent recommendations for using any light colored latex as long as it doesn’t have harmful additives


I think you probably want to stick with flat, as semi gloss and glossy paints will form a tighter membrane and seal too well. The flat, especially when diluted, should breath some.

Also, as far as color goes, white is best. I have several propane tanks, and one which was a silver color the others white. The silver one got hot enough to vent on warm sunny days until I painted it white like the others. Didn’t seem like silver would be all that much “darker” than white but it is.

I get paint from the county recycling store for free!! You might check>


St. Paul has a paint recycling center were one can get free paint, also.


i bought this one today. is it the right one? there is primer on it also