It has been absolutely astonishing the number of Painted Lady buttterflies that are migrating through where I live the last few days. I have never seen anything like it. I would estimate that at any one time I have well over a 1,000 in my yard. Luckily my yard is currently like a butterfly resort … lots of flowers still in bloom, sheltered from the strongest winds and I have left a sprinkler on as they seem to “flock” to the moisture. Wish I had the equipment to post some video it is a sight to see!

Here is a link to a small newspaper article from a town not too far from me.


Very cool!

Lots of them here too. I didn’t know they were also a problem for soybean growers until looking them up earlier this year.

I wondered as well if there would be long term implications. For this years soybean crop there will be no impact as most beans are mature and foliage has already begun drying down as of the last week.