Pants made from Cider dyed cloth

  1. Obtain sturdy natural or bleached cotton cloth
  2. Use it for 10 years as cider press cloth with homebuilt bicycle powered cider machines

  1. Launder and press fabric.

  1. Design pattern from measurements. Refine by making muslin and fitting. Cut real pieces. Bind edges.

  1. Assemble garment using 120 year old treadle sewing machine

  1. Add fly, pockets, etc., buttonhole with handcrank antique sewing machine

  1. Make up suspenders

  1. Add finishing touches, put in use!

Pretty soon people will probably start pressing cider just to get some cider dyed cloth. More detailed build writeup at my blog.


Good looking boy and girl you have and pair of pant.all made with nature dye way to go

That could take some serious family planning if you had to start dyeing the little guy’s britches 5 years before he was born. :wink: :smile:

Very cool. I use to use a sewing machine like that in my early days.