Papalo and Quillquiña

I have some papalo seeds and quillquiña seeds. I am confused and would love someone to clear up a few questions for me.

The place I got them lists papalo as Porophyllum coloratum and quillquiña as Porophyllum ruderale. But this may not be accurate.

Many overseas sellers use the term papalo and quillquiña interchangeably for the same plant, and they refer to it as P ruderale. Other places say they are two different varieties. I have heard that papalo and quillquiña hybridise, but the place I got them from says that they do not. I read somewhere that they are both subspecies of P ruderale. Google has failed me with all this conflicting information.

I planted the seeds on the weekend, so have no experience in growing them. The papalo are meant to have rounder leaves, while the pictures of quillquiña has more lanceolate leaves. I can link to the sellers web site or include their pictures if that is useful?

There seems to be a lot of confusion over common names as well as binomial names. Can someone clear up what the correct species name is/are as well as tell me if they will cross.


Best reference I’ve found for plant taxonomy:

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I have been growing P. ruderale for a few months. Got the seed from Strictly Medicinal Seeds. The leaves are narrowly lanceolate. The grow rapidly, produce lots of discoid heads (attractive to bumblebees), and then release thousands of seeds which germinate everywhere, and I mean everywhere.


You have only been growing them for a few months and they are already flowering and germinating everywhere? Nice! I can hardly wait.

Mine are only just germinating so I have all that to look forward to. I had worried my season may be too short for them to flower, but it sounds like they will be fine.

Do you like their smell/taste?

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what I need are recipes I can buy this herb in the local markets but I dont know what to do with it.

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The smell/taste is really hard to describe. I really hate it, but my neighbor who is from Bangladesh absolutely loves it, and is now growing it too. She says the taste is a hybrid between cilantro and chili. I personally don’t see it that way. But then again my wife is pretty neutral about the flavor. So you will need to give it a try. Have fun!